Pushing Daisies

This past summer I’ve been mostly watching TV. It so happened that I was back from Belgium, where I was studying for my grad degree, and I was bored and unemployed. To get my mind off of all of the things I was missing (living alone, my friends, cold Belgian weather, beer), I started marathoning a lot of shows I had missed out on. My binge-fest 2012 ended with the meager 22 episodes of Pushing Daisies.Which leads me to the question…


WHY? Who am I kidding, I know why. It was too quirky for the mainstream. I’m not usually one to love whimsical and precious material (sorry, Amelie, but YUCK), but this damn show was so much better than anything like it. Pushing Daisies is what Tim Burton once was (Edward Scissorhands) coupled with what Wes Anderson sometimes achieves (The Royal Tenenbaums).

I mean, Universe…Kristin Chenoweth was in it. Kristin Chenoweth played the part of the most adorable waitress on the planet Earth with the worst case of unrequited love. Oh, and she also burst into a song at random times throughout the show.

WHAT can be more precious than Cheno as Olive, Universe? How did you allow for Pushing Daisies to be cancelled and for Kristin to not be playing Olive Snook anymore? I bet your decision led to Kristin starring on Glee. GLEE!

Yeah, I’m not content to be living in a world, where Glee is still on the air, while Pushing Daisies is not. I WEEP for the world, where Lee Pace is not the Piemaker, but a background character in freaking Breaking Dawn Part II…I do wish there was a .gif to express my hatred of the Twilight franchise, but I’m afraid modern .gif-making technology has not reached that peak of development yet.

What I want to say, I guess, is that in 2 seasons of 9 and 13 episodes each, this show managed to establish a mythology, a complex backstory and rich characterizations. It was smart, witty and unusual. It went before its time. RIP Pushing Daisies. Maybe someday the Piemaker will wake you up with the touch of his finger.


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