Dil To Pagal Hai (Photo Recap Pt.1)

Dil To Pagal Hai…The alternate version of KKHH. One of the quintessential Yash Chopra romances. The movie so full of fluff and candy floss that it practically screams “recap me on Valentine’s Day”. I tried recapping Bodyguard (yeah, that didn’t happen), but dil to pagal hai, dil deewana hai….and I decided to stick with SRK romance.

Not to confuse the gullible audience, our movie starts with the mission statements of the leads.


She believes in soulmates, chocolate hearts and eternal love.


He thinks romantic love is BS.


He is Rahul (naam to suna hoga…at least from another half a dozen SRK films), a choreographer cum actor cum dancer cum director. And he’s got a new idea for a play.


The play is gonna be about “Maya”. A nice, sweet girl (the Sati Savitri type), who lives in her dreams and dances only for herself. Ahem. Rahul’s specific description of Maya is intercut with footage of Madhuri Dixit running around in a very unflattering salwar kameez. We get it, we get it…SHE IS MAYA!


Your white salwar kameez WILL get grass stains.


We find out that our “Maya” is actually called Pooja. She’s an orphan, who lives with her parents’ friends. Oh, and she gets cassette tapes from Ajay, the son of her benefactors. Cause Ajay is too damn lazy to pick up a pen and write a letter.

Elsewhere, Rahul is still daydreaming about Maya, while Nisha, his dancer friend is not impressed.



Of course, all his daydreaming is intercut with Pooja dancing around like a loony, to make sure we UNDERSTAND that “Maya =  Pooja”.


Just to drive home the point that Pooja and Rahul are meant to be, they ALMOST meet three times before they ACTUALLY meet.


One of these instances involves fitting rooms.


Again, to make sure, the dum-dums (aka the audience) really GETS the epicness of Rahul/Pooja’s destined love, they even almost kinda meet on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not even regular VDay, it’s super magical VDAy that falls on the full moon and ensures that the meeting of two soulmates will take place before midnight.


Rahul is giving the Mother of all eye-rolls to VDay.


Too bad, Nisha. If you’ve been watching this movie, you’d know that with the amount of signs Rahul and Pooja are getting Sir Jesus God is not gonna give you a chance.


Of course, Pooja gets a wrong phone call just before midnight, thus solidifying her mystic and God-ordained future love.



The next day Pooja gets a surprise visitor – Ajay, her lazy childhood friend!


When Ajay’s short visit is over, he proposes marriage to her.


Driven by friendly affection Pooja non-verbally accepts the proposal.


Meanwhile Rahul, Nisha & co are out drinking (I like the choice of tequila, cause they usually choose beer as hardcore liquor you can get drunk on…pfft).


Boozing it up leads to some straight-up realness from Nisha.



The general attitude is “Let’s just pretend that never happened.”


However, to add injury to humiliation, poor Nisha sprains her ankle during rehearsal.



The lead dancer is injured, vanity project is under threat…so it’s time for some DRUMS for Rahul.


And who is it dancing next door to the sound of his freestyle beats? Pooja, of course!



Part 2


16 thoughts on “Dil To Pagal Hai (Photo Recap Pt.1)

  1. A fun review – I especially liked “naam to suna hoga” 🙂 I didn’t really enjoy DTPH for 2 main reasons – I thought the stylist clearly hated Lolo just as much as Madz, and, more significantly, I really can’t stand post 70s Lata – that screeching voice is physically painful and hurts the memory of her golden years. BUT I very much enjoyed this recap, and look forward to part two. You’re giving me much more pleasure from DTPH than watching it did, thanks!

    • Thanks! At least Lolo’s outfits weren’t as unflattering as Madhuri’s. They were just 90’s fashion bad outfits…Mads had to deal with some truly awful Grandma-style. Agree on Lata, the only song of hers I really liked post the 70’s was “Lukka Chuppi” from RDB, cause she sang her age.

  2. Really enjoying the re-cap so far. So glad you decided not to do Bodyguard, a pointless film if ever I’ve seen one. I love SRK but DTPH is quite an annoying film between Madhuri’s terrible outfits and her annoying character. The scene when she buys her own valentines gifts UGH GET A BLOODY GRIP WOMAN. This was the first film where I really liked Karishma Kapoor. Am I the only person who wanted SRK to get with Karishma?

    • Thank you! I couldn’t get through Bodyguard, to be honest. I tried to persevere, but stopped after the interval. Agree with you on DTPH, it’s not one of my favorites 😉 And agree with you on Karishma too! It feels like the film is telling us “Rahul and Pooja HAVE to be together”, but I always liked Rahul with Nisha more!

      • Same. Wanted her to end up with SRK in this film. Wanted SRK to end up with Juhi in Darr. And, very recently wanted Anushka to end up with SRK in JTHJ. Well, the last one, almost. Anyway, great job on the cool blog. Nice concept. Makes me think of starting one like this. But I’m too lazy to sit through movies and pause and get screen caps and edit them and write posts and err, basically, ugh. Good job indeed.

  3. Firstly, awesome blog! Very hatke and I’m loving the captions.

    DTPH was my 1st Film. I saw it when I was in 1st Grade. 😀 So it will always be special. Dont jump on me, but I liked it. Infact this is the only YC film, i’ve liked. (Actually, I’ve seen only 2 of his films DTPH & VZ, VZ was totally snoozefest!).

    Will check other posts on the blog too. 🙂

  4. Loving this recap anishok, so true, Manish Malhotra cleary had it in for Mads styling wise in DTPH – I still shudder at high waisted trousers and sheer tops! Thanks for the follow too, looking forward to more recaps! 🙂

  5. This is very nice! I would love to see a Bodyguard re-caps but I think Dil To Pagal Hai suits the upcoming Valentine’s Day better. Will be checking out your other posts too 🙂

  6. wow!!! anishok…so glad to have found your blog…loved this post of yours.Saw your JTJH post last week and wanted to reply but did not get around doing that-but that was awesome too…great work…keep going

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