Dil To Pagal Hai (Photo Recap Pt. 2)

Part 1

First, Rahul acts like a desperate douche by begging Pooja to consider taking the role of Maya.


Then, he acts like a ragey douche by shouting her down, when she doesn’t dance like Maya of his dreams.




To top it all off, our angry young man briefs Nisha on the situation.



Even though Pooja and Rahul are getting pretty chummy, he’s not that devastated at the news that she’s engaged to be married.


Oh, also if you thought that the audience is not getting any more hints, you’re totally wrong. All throughout the bonding session between Rahul and Pooja, we are treated to flashbacks, musical cues and explicit anvil-like clues on the EPICNESS of their jodi.


During a routine rehearsal, Pooja is busting out some sweet moves with several fierce dudes in leotards, when…



This dance-off is as amazing as Nisha’s DKNY headband, cause it’s the weirdest, most ridiculous dance-off in the history of the world. At least 3 minutes of it is Nisha jumping around in a circle around Pooja.


The dance-off gives Nisha some perspective on her life choices. She decides to get away from all the Maya-Pooja drama and give Rahul some space.



While Nisha’s in London, the bond between Miss “Worst-dressed of 1997” and Rahul grows. They’re even having simultaneous hallucinations of each other in the same song. That is some true love, y’all.


They go to visit Pooja’s dance teacher, who is supposed to be this “tough love” character, but is actually a pretty mean person. Who tells a 10 year old, that they’ve put on weight? I mean, come on, lady…lay off the kids!


She does nudge Rahul in the right direction, though. Gotta give credit, when credit’s due.




Surprise neck kisses are the best!


At the same time, surprise neck kisses do tend to complicate things.



FYI, Rahul has basically plagiarized his life for the Maya play, so he’s now forced to rehearse/act out events that are actually happening.



Nisha finally realizes that this movie is engineered to bring Rahul and Pooja together.


Pooja decides to do the right thing and dump Ajay via cassette. Girl…at least have the decency to do it to his face!


Right when she’s done recording her break-up cassette/ode of love to Rahul (she is one COLD woman…you’re breaking up with Ajay and singing praises to the other guy?! C’MON!), Ajay’s Mom comes in with the wedding sari. Cue emotional atyaachar, childhood memories and orphan guilt. The cassette is forgotten and Pooja starts preparing for the impending wedding.


Ajay is hyper about the wedding and totally blind to Pooja’s sourface.



On the day of the performance Rahul decides to come out of left field and starts asking questions that were NOT part of the play.



Pooja, Maya…who can keep track?


AHA! Ajay has found the break-up cassette!


But no drama…He’s cool with the Rahul angle and just wants Pooja to be happy!




There was NO chance for another ending here.


Picture abhi baki hai, mere dost! *wink wink, nudge nudge*.


10 thoughts on “Dil To Pagal Hai (Photo Recap Pt. 2)

  1. Fab! lol at worst dance off ever. What was going on with Akshay’s hair in the movie? quite frankly why were Madhuri, her outfits and Akshay even in the film in the first place? Really love SRK but kept wanting to shout out during the film, stop chasing Maya/Pooja and grab Nisha you tosser! Anyways great job. Eagerly waiting for the next photo-recap.

  2. I like your recaps a lot and I too am eager for the next one. And I think this is your best recap so far, thank you, laughed out loud (and this is coming from someone who genuinely liked DTPH)

    Try Action Replay for some weird Akshay hair (the film is a bad one but Aishwarya is golden with all the costumes etc.) I think there is also some weirdness of hairpieces in Jaan e Mann.

  3. Interesting work! Just found u through SRK’s Twitter reply and oh am i glad i did 🙂 u got me so excited over the aur paas scene, cause i totally agree, and i never found anyone whod agree (simply coz they’ve not seen it yet!!) on the fact that there was never, nor i think will ever be, a hotter freakin’ sexier scene on screen lol fact that it’s SRK makes it epicycly iconic :)) good job babe

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  5. Hi Anishok, you don’t mind if I used a few of these pictures, do you? I think they are amazing! I did give you proper credit! If you do mind, I would gladly take them off. Thanks!

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