Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Photo Recap Pt. 2)

Part 1

While the black beasts are enjoying their burgeoning relationship…


Rishi and Riya act like the sane people they are and initiate the conversation with the person they’re married to and not with each other!


R&R part, and Riya ends up walking right alongside an oblivious Maya, who’s about to meet up with Dev. They walk towards him in a painful slow-motion sequence that lasts for at least 5 minutes.



Wife ends up with the bouquet. Mistress gets one lousy rose as consolation…


…which is subsequently found by puppy-eyed Rishi.


Due to the rose confusion, all marriage conflicts are forgotten…


…and there’s trouble brewing in black beast paradise! Maya’s going out to see a ballet performance with Rishi, instead of spending time with Dev.


Being the gross weirdo that he is, Dev stalks her to the ballet.


Being the gross weirdo that she is, Maya uses Rishi as a prop to make Dev jealous.



Being the gross people that they are, instead of STOPPING with all the awful things they’re doing, Dev and Maya decide to consummate their affair. 


Rishi and Riya are celebrating being married…


…while sexytimes are happening down the street. DON’T JUDGE ME FOR THAT SCREENCAP!


Oh, just so you know, Sexy Sam and Dev’s Mom have become besties. They’re so tight, that Sam is even throwing her a birthday party!


During said party Dev randomly confesses to the affair, just to turn it into a bad joke seconds later.


Just when you thought he has reached the limits of douchiness, Dev surprises you!



Maya is pissed at him for almost blowing their cover, but it’s nothing awkward necking can’t cure.


Dev must be REALLY good in bed, cause that’s the only explanation for why he gets away with so much crap all the time.


 Sexy Sam and Dev’s Mom catch them in flagrante delicto. That’s what you get for making out in the middle of the freaking street! It’s not rocket science, people! You’re having a sordid affair…be discreet!


Sexy Sam has no problem getting jiggy with a different prostitute every day, but one lousy instance of catching daughter-in-law cheating and he’s done for. RIP Sammy.


Somebody had to DIE for it to happen, but Dev and Maya finally realize that they need to STOP and confess.



Riya is having none of that shitty apology pie!



Rishi is also not having it.



Trying to rectify past mistakes of idiot behavior both Maya and Dev lie that their marriages are fine. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.


I swear, Maya cries a literal river during the montage video that follows.


It’s 3 years later and Rishi is remarrying! Maya is his only family (since she killed off Sexy Sam and all), so he invites her to be his best man at the wedding.


At Rishi’s wedding…(good job on casting Botox McCollagen face there as his bride).





Proving once again that they’re TOO GOOD for the black beasts, R&R tell Maya to go get her loser boyfriend.





And the moral of the story is…sometimes even selfish jerks get a happy ending.


19 thoughts on “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Photo Recap Pt. 2)

  1. Another winner! I actually love KANK and can understand why these two black beasts are drawn together instead of their more adjusted partners.

  2. Haha brilliant! This film had potential but came out as a Bollywood train wreck. KJo tried to make it mainstream when the topic was anything but for an Indian audience. And it’s laughably silly & infuruating. I mean, I can get over Arjun Rampal’s pathetic cameo. I can get over one of Srk’s worst performances to date. I can even get over Babli cheating on Bunty! But I really can’t get over how badly KJo made this film. I mean, the climax scene between Rani (the best thing about this film IMO) & Abhishek was performed brilliantly until he started screaming in English, runing any effect it had on me. And then the subplots, length & unneccesary songs! So much wrong with this film yet there are some good moments, mainly down to Rani & Abhishek. Love your blog btw

    • Hi M! Glad you liked it! 🙂 I agree that KJo really botched this up. In his other (sometimes more preposterous) movies, he always gets the interactions and relationships right, but in KANK it all rang false.

  3. Amazing post as always Ani! 😀

    Regarding the film, you wont believe I saw it FDFS. But what a disappointing film it was. And yes, I also feel that KANK was KJo’s most potential film. I just saw in his interview with Masand where he admitted that on script it was something else, but while directing he just changed his way. 😦

    I hated SRK and Big B in this film. Liked Rani, Abhishek and even PZ (her character was the strongest). After watch his story in BT, where again he dealth with a new issue of homosexualty (KANK, I believe was the first hindi film to have extra marital affairs as the main plot), I just hope that we see a very mature and sensible KJo. His next directorial, a period romance, in all possibilities may have your favourite SRK and my favourite Ash. And I iz super excaaite for it. 😀

    • Thank you 😀 Glad you liked the recaps 🙂
      Very interesting re changing while directing, because it really shows that the whole film is disjointed. I think it was darker on paper and he tried to infuse it with his usual frothy light elements, which did a disservice to the concept.
      Can’t wait to watch BT, really. Going by your wonderful post on it, KJo has matured considerably. And OMG if SRK & Aish come together in a period piece….I don’t care who directs it…JUST LET IT HAPPEN, UNIVERSE! SO EXCAITEEEED! 😀

    • Err. Considering I’m a HUGE fan of SRK, that’s a weird accusation to read. And btw none of my posts are intended to be hateful. I’m just doing slightly sarcastic reviews of films I enjoy watching.

      • Apologies. Didn’t read your blog properly :P…i was mainly referring 2 the comments calling kank a disappointing film 😛

      • No need to apologize! I love him, but it doesn’t mean I have to love every single film of his…and this is all in good fun, really.

  4. Hehe… Lol on this. The one where srk says In addition to being …… is the most funniest if you ask me. I think most of the bollywood movies can be remade in a humorous way. So what’s next in the list? Tell me it’s jab tak hai jaan 😛

    I had read something of this kind years before. The person who posted it is no more. You just reminded me of him. He did a complete post remaking Rajnikant’s movie called Sivaji in another forum.

    God bless 🙂

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