Ek Tha Tiger (Photo Recap Pt. 1)

Once there was a Tiger. Tiger was a highly trained undercover agent for RAW. It’s unclear why his nickname was Tiger. Was it because he looked like a Tiger? Was it because he was badass like a Tiger? Was it because he tended to kill a lot of people during his assignments? Was it because he sucked at every other aspect of being an undercover agent? I personally think the person who nicknamed him may have been going for Tigger and just skipped the extra “g” for numerological reasons.


Our story starts with Tiger killing about a hundred ISI agents in Iraq, cause that’s just how he rolls.


RAW boss Shenoy is tired of the unnecessary body count, cause he assigns Tiger to tail an eccentric scientist in Ireland.


The Nutty Professor is suspected to be in cahoots with Pakistan.


Hello, Tiger, bete, you are supposed to be an undercover agent, na? Be more obvious, dude!


Tiger’s idea of stealth is busting into the Nutty Professor’s house and getting shooed out by the housekeeper/dance student Zoya.


Zoya’s a softie, cause after getting  Tiger out of the house, she befriends him at an alarming speed.


Doordarshan is a fun nickname, but it’s a bitch to type out.


Zee, beti, he was breaking and entering five minutes ago, maybe rethink inviting him over?


Soon, Zee and Tiger are flirting up a storm.


Gopi, another RAW agent is in Dublin and it seems he’s tailing our boy Tiger to make sure he doesn’t screw up.


Tiger does need supervision, cause he has totally forgotten The Nutty Professor in favor of Zee.


10 years in the industry and still with the accent…


After the unsuccessful Hindi lesson, hapless Tiger is attacked and robbed at his home. At this point, I’m considering changing his nickname from Tiger/Doordarshan to Dopey. WORST SECRET AGENT EVER.


Undeterred by the fact that possible rival agents are onto him, Tiger continues pursuing Zee.


Zoya abruptly walks away after almost kissing him (RUDE!). But our Tiger is not discouraged easily, so the next day he grabs a huge bouquet and heads to see the play Zoya is starring in.


On his way there, he sees the phone thieg/possible ISI agent.


Tiger chases the guy down with disastrous results. The chase scene is kickass and all, but he doesn’t catch the guy! I mean, how hard is it to nab ONE freaking person if your nickname is TIGER?


Leaving the further pursuit of the ISI agent to Gopi, Tiger goes to Zoya’s Pinocchio play. Which…I wish all Western plays/operas/ballets were really the way Bollywood movies portray them.




In the middle of the highly exciting Irish dancing, Gopi calls with bad news.


Tiger barges into the Nutty Professor’s house, only to discover…



…that Zee has been an undercover ISI Agent all along!




Part 2


2 thoughts on “Ek Tha Tiger (Photo Recap Pt. 1)

    • Do I really have to watch Agent Vinod? I am dreading the thought of sitting through two hours of Saifu pretending to be James Bond. Will take your word for it 😛

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