Ek Tha Tiger (Photo Recap Pt. 2)

After the dramatic conclusion of the first part of this recap, we cut to Delhi, where Tiger is explaining that he REALLY really had to kill somebody during this particular assignment.


He’s riding home with one of the RAW agents one night, when…



Shocker! Tiger puts two and two together and realizes that somebody’s sending him a coded message. It’s not a very hard code to crack, as the intercepted messages state that “Zee TV is going to be covering the UN Foreign Minister’s Peace Summit in Istanbul. Is Doordarshan going to be covering the event?”. That’s some lameass coding, if you ask me. I mean, even worst RAW agent Tiger cracked it.


Sure enough, during the Peace summit…


UNDEAD ZEE! Is she a vampire now?


No such luck…Zee wasn’t the one Tiger killed in Dublin. We flashback to before the intermission and witness Tiger killing off Feroz aka the guy who stole his phone. Zoya was spared and that’s how she has been sending him lamely coded messages.


They sneak out of the summit and Zee confesses her love for Tiger.


All sense of honor and duty is forgotten, as they make plans to ditch the service and live together happily ever after.


Although it seems that Zee is trying to get Tiger into the hands of some extremely attractive ISI agents.



Tiger overhears her scheming with the hotties, but decides to follow his heart and not his secret agent instinct.


It turns out Zoya was just bluffing with the studs and she actually wants to run away with Tiger.


Those disguises are blowing my mind, by the way.



Worst secret agents in the history of RAW and ISI hide out in Cuba. Their days are spent frolicking on the beaches and enjoying the warm climate. The idyllic lifestyle doesn’t last, unfortunately.


 They’re out on a walk, when unsuspecting muggers hit them up. Sure enough, Tiger and Zoya beat all of them up and the whole thing is caught on camera.


You are secret agents, people! Do some goddamn work! Find the tape and destroy it or something!


Although, I probably wouldn’t run, if this guy was the one chasing me. The comeback of the hottie ISI agents!


Zee and Tiger are forced to leave with the ISI agents, but on their way to the ISI cars, what little training they had kicks in and they manage to escape.




I would have bet on Tiger to be caught first, but it’s Zee who is led away in handcuffs.


Gopi, the only competent RAW agent is also in Cuba and Tiger tries to get some help from him to rescue Zee from the handsome clutches of ISI spies.


Tiger convinces him that Zoya will cooperate with India and spill all Pakistani secrets, if they rescue her. AND GOPI FALLS FOR IT! GOPI, YOU WERE MY ONLY HOPE IN THIS MOVIE, COME ON, MAN!


With the help of RAW agents, Tiger  manages to flee with Zee.


RAW and ISI agents both are after them, but when you’ve got a plane and a motorcycle, there’s nothing much highly trained secret agents can do.



Agent Zee and Agent Doordarshan escape, never to be seen again. They finally make use of their dormant professional skills and manage to hide away for good. Either that or RAW and ISI don’t want to spend precious resources on two mediocre (being generous here) spies.



10 thoughts on “Ek Tha Tiger (Photo Recap Pt. 2)

  1. I loved this movie (well, not the movie, just Salman) & take strong offence to anyone insulting or making a mockery of him but this is hilarious so I’ll let it pass 😉

  2. Haha love it! Have actually watched Ek Tha Tiger, good action but that is about it. Ani unpack those bags now, I have been to Pakistan countless and have yet to meet any hot Pakistanis (maybe I need to leave the village, everyone is our village is over 60).

  3. I ❤ ze recaps Ani! I'm joining you on the search for those hottie secret agents..! Nah actually I want to look for Tiger aka Agent Romeo.. Hehehe!!

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